Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We've Moved!

It's a rainy Tuesday evening and I'm warming myself up with a cup of Chai and free wifi at the local coffee shop. This is a period of change, of knowledge-seeking, of working, playing, eating, seeking joy. Being joy.

Erica and I moved into a studio in the Alphabet district, thus vacating the previous house with friends. It is simultaneously peaceful and lonely. We do pretty well for ourselves, though, cooking up a storm, having folks over, working our tooties off, seeking new things.

We watched The Fifth Element the other night:

And I made (vegan) biscuits and gravy from scratch, using some organic mushrooms Erica's mother so kindly purchased for us from Ye Olde Grocery Outlet:
simmering on the stove

Final product, accompanied by ginger beer and a spinach salad

Yesterday we had folks over and made piiiiizzaaa!! Bombest crust EVER courtesy of Erica and Jess, who pretty much did the whole thing before I got home. Topped with homemade marinara sauce, those aforementioned mushrooms, spinach, and some expensive vegan cheese:



Savannah also made amazing cookies. Kudos.
I'm aware this post is mostly about food, but this is a foodventure blog after all, so....get used to it I guess?
I meant to have deep thoughts but then I wanted to post pictures instead. Pretty much sums up my life.
Tomorrow I start hardware classes at Free Geek as part of their Computer Build program. My nerdy heart can hardly take the electronic excitement.

We are also looking for a cheap/free Full sized mattress. Help! Us grrrls can't sleep on the floor forever!

much love,

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