Monday, September 17, 2012

Peach, Plum, Pear

Hello, hello, how long has it been? Far too long. Eons. Centuries. Ages. Millenia. Days. Hours. Seconds. Lightyears.

We live in Eugene now! In an apartment, one bedroom to be truthful. Twice the size of our old place, has windows with sun, at most one mile from anywhere we could hope to go, friends at near distances.

This last weekend I was up in Beaverton visiting my family for birthday/going away parties. I turned 21 years old on the 10th, my mom turned, well, older than 21 on the 15th. My dear brother Scott departs for a year-long study in Japan tomorrow afternoon, so we spent the weekend wishing him well as well. We went bowling. We walked in the forest, amongst the mossy trees and gardner snakes. We ate food and watched my baby niece Starlynn toddle around on her fresh legs.

I rode the train. Arguably one of my favorite things to do.
The train reminds me of travelling in Germany, which is awesome. I look at all the tree-covered hills, the mountains and tiny towns, the farms and villages, the water and bushes. And I realize there is not too far from here and here is not that far from there and everything is similar and different and the mere act of travelling, of movement, of adventure, is one that comes with you, whether in Germany or Oregon or the moon.

And then I came home to Erica waiting for me at the train station, and we walked the mile home, hand in hand, and we made bread bowls with soup, and I was reminded of home and heart, and having adventure while being in one place. We didn't get up till 1pm today, and didn't leave the house till 2:30, but as soon as we passed through the front door, we were swept up in a wind of fanstasy, of passing to here, to there, to stopping and pondering, and emoting, and giggling, and loving, and seeing through heart-filled glasses.

We stopped in an antique shop and found multiple post cards from 1910, 1907. Held paper in our hands that someone over a hundred years ago had held in their hands, had bought for a penny and wrote a letter to a loved one somewhere else. I wanted to cry. I looked at as many cards as I could instead. 

This is getting long but I guess I'm just happy to be here and to be me and to be with someone who wants me to be me.

I'm going to make Tilapia and roasted yams for dinner tomorrow.

Peace and love, y'all

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  1. YES YES YES. Girrrrl, keep blogging. Also dinner soon?